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The Beauty Of Black Diamond

Little has been written about what characterizes color in Natural Colored Black Diamonds. Some information is contradictory and even incomplete, while other sources will claim 'true black diamonds' don't exist and can only be found in detective novels...Natural Black Diamonds do in fact exist however are extremely rare. The color black in a diamond is as definite and unique as red, blue or white.

In Collecting and Classifying Colored Diamonds Stephen C. Hofer notes "From a visual viewpoint, the color black denotes the absence or negation of color; from a psychological viewpoint black is the darkest sensation evident to the eye and mind...associated with foreboding events such as mystery, death, and superstition" (1998).

John M. King says people believed black diamonds might be hematite, having no visible inclusions and being deeply colored throughout (2006).

Hematite is a black colored mineral that can also look steel or silver-gray, brown to reddish-brown to red. It is one of many forms of iron oxides. It was speculated that the black coloring may be due to partial changes in the crystal structure and the formation of finely dispersed graphite particles that are invisible even at extremely high magnifications. Another incomplete reference of black diamonds describes them as having gray spots attributed to a very large number of very small sub-microscopic black inclusions caused by light falling on the stone and being absorbed into the diamond (2006).

Robert C. Kammerling, Robert E. Kane, John I. Koivula and Shane F. McClure show "the color of Black Diamonds is caused by numerous graphite inclusions lining cleavages and fractures in the diamond" (2006). The black diamonds examined in the study from 'Collecting and Classifying' display many different colored zones. These zones consisted of a few transparent areas surrounded primarily by opaque zones caused by dense concentrations of black inclusions (2006). Opaque means not allowing light to pass through i.e. dark, dull, impenetrable by light.

Small cavities and irregular interconnecting fissures on the surfaces of these stones are visible to the un-aided eye. In his book Le diamant E mond, Boutan describes black diamonds as having a black 'kernal' enclosed inside a well- crystallized colourless diamond, known to the Malays as the "soul of the diamond" (Hofer, 1998).

Kammerling, Kane, Koivula and McClure show that "[black diamonds] are extremely difficult to cut and polish and require great care in setting" (Gems & Gemology in Review, 2006). They explain true black diamonds can be separated from artificially treated dark green-black appearing diamonds and from other black appearing materials based on their visual and gemological features" (2006).

Treated Black Diamonds

Artificially irradiated black diamonds are distinguishable because light can not pass through them. Artificially irradiated refers to natural diamonds that have been treated to enhance their properties. Artificially irradiated black diamonds appear dark green and are segregated from the mainstream. These diamonds show a very dark green color at thin edges, such as in the cracks or girdle (Gems & Gemology in Review, 2006). However, when viewed face up in daylight these very dark green diamonds appear black. Some treated black diamonds will show residual radioactivity that is not linked to inherent inclusions in the diamonds. In fact, it is associated with metallic dust from the diamond polishing wheel (scaife), which accumulated in the numerous cracks and was later subjected to neutron irradiation. External radioactivity can be eliminated by boiling the diamonds in acid before the stones are neutron irradiated (Gems & Gemology in Review).

The Black Orlov Diamond

The Black Orlov is a 67.50 carat cushion-cut stone and possibly the most famous of the black diamonds. The National History Museum displayed the diamond in 2005 and explains the diamond is thought to have been cursed which allegedly began when a monk removed the original 195 carat diamond from The Eye of the Idol of Brahma, a Hindu shrine in southern India (2005). Since then it is claimed to be responsible for a series of mysterious deaths.

In 1947, Princess Nadia Vyegin-Orlov (who the diamond is thought to be named after) and Princess Galitsine-Bariatinsky - both former owners of the Black Orlov leapt to their deaths (The National Museum, 2005). Fifteen years earlier the diamond dealer who imported the stone to the USA, J.W. Paris, jumped to his death after the sale of the jewel. In order to break the curse, it was cut into three separate gems and since has been owned by a number of private owners.

Alan Hart, the exhibition curator says, "The intriguing legend of the Black Orlov highlights the powerful way that diamonds have captured human imagination for thousands of years" (The National Museum, 2005).

The 67.5 Black Orlov is now set in a 108 diamond brooch suspended from a 124 carat diamond necklace.

JCK diamond news reporter, Gary Roskin, G.G., FGA says that the Black Orlov's traceable history begins in 1951, when owner Charles F. Winson, a New York dealer, leant the diamond to the American Museum of Natural History. Winson exhibited the stone at the 1964 Texas State Fair and the Diamond Pavilion in Johannesburg in 1967. Interestingly, in 1990 the Black Orlov sold for $90,000 and when it re-appeared at Sotheby's five years later - it sold for $1.5 million!

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The Beauty of Russian Dolls


As something that appeals to a wide range of people, it's only natural there be a wide variety of styles of Russian Dolls to cater for varying tastes. As well as needing to appeal to a spectrum of different people, the style of Matryoshka Dolls also varies depending upon the personal style of the artist that paints them. This guarantees that there is a great choice of dolls available in the marketplace for the consumer, each with it's own unique theme. There are thousands of different painting designs available, however most of them will belong to one of the following themes:

Traditional The dolls that probably most people are familiar with. These are usually painted with the face of a female with a body painted with pretty floral patterns.

Animals Matryoshka dolls painted with the images of animals can go with a cartoon feel or, a realistic painted image (left).

Christmas Obviously popular during the winter months, Russian Dolls painted with a Christmas theme feature the paintings of anything traditionally associated with the festive season. For example, these Santa dolls.

Musicians For music fans they can find dolls of their favourite artist or band. For example, these sets of Beatles Russian Dolls are popular throughout the world.

Television and Films Russian Dolls featuring the images of iconic figures associated with television and film are widely available. These Charlie Chaplin dolls are an example of dolls from this genre.

Religion No matter what the religion, you're almost sure to find a Matryoshka Doll depicting something from yours. These Christian themed dolls are an example.

Political Especially popular during the Soviet era, political dolls are still some of the most popular available.

Sports Dolls featuring the images of sports people and events are easy to find. They are more prominent during high-profile events such as the world cup and Olympics.

I'm sure there are many other styles of Russian Dolls that are available to collect however, I think these cover the most popular themes. If you can think of some dolls that have not been covered or, would like to comment on this post then it would be great if you could share your thoughts and post a comment below.
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Easy Make Moey With Stock Photography

In the past getting into Stock photography was a huge undertaking. You either had to set up your own mini Agency or sign on with one of the big agencies. If you set up your own agency you were required to do all the leg work of sorting, filing and marketing your images. If you signed on with a big agency you were required to have at least 1,000 images before they would even talk to you. With the advent of the Internet and the growth of high-speed broadband connections these barriers have been eliminated. Today anyone with a quality digital camera can enter the stock photography market place and make money selling their images online.

There are literally hundreds of agencies online offering photographers a place to sell their images. In addition photographers have the opportunity to set up their own online mini agency or add a Stock Page to their portfolio site.

The big agencies have also moved online, but their requirements for acceptance have also become more difficult. Getting your images in Gettys or Corbis is very difficult and for the most part the domain of well established professional photographers.

However you chose to sell your images online, one thing is for sure you will have to adhere to the three basic principles of the successful stock photographer - Quality, Quality, Quality. Oh and lets not forget Quantity.

What photos will sell?

The first step in selling your images on-line is understanding what images sell, and which sit and collect cyber dust. Truth be told there is very little restriction on what sells and what does not sell. The key here is to understand which type of images sell the most and in the case of Licensed images the most often. As you sell your images on line you will need to understand that just about any image can sell as long as it meets the technical requirements of the agency and you can find a buyer.

A search for "Stock Photography" on Google returns 15,400,000 sites. The biggest agencies like Corbis and Getty are of course listed first. These agencies are still the domain of professional photographers with huge libraries, and will not entertain inquires from amateur photographers. They have huge libraries of images from professional shooters and even hire their own photographers to shoot stock on assignment for the agency, which the agency then owns. All the regular photos that you would think are really great and will sell have been done and are sitting in these agencies files. These are what are generally know as commercial stock photos and your chance of selling these is not so good.

What you will be able to sell are EDITORIAL stock. Editorial stock does not sell for as high a price as Commercial Stock, but you will sell more images more often than when trying to sell Commercial Stock.

The images you will be able to sell are the ones that no one else has or that no one else has access to such subject matter. What you need is a niche. Pictures of regular people doing regular things, shot in a professional and appealing manner are what you will be able to sell online.

Photos that sell are the ones that tell a story or as stock photographers like to call them; photo illustration. A photo illustration is a photo that has something going on in it. We have all heard the term "A picture is worth a thousand words" well when you hear this, think Photo Illustration. These are the stock photos that sell well.

Also is is important to enjoy your photography so go out and shoot things that interest you; your trip to the fair, grandma doing her needle point, dad cooking burgers on a backyard BBQ & your brother mowing the lawn. If you work in a factory or mill and can get permission from your managers or boss to take pictures, these type of images have great potential. Industry, commerce and business are areas of high value in Stock Photography.

Always try to include a person doing something. A picture of a tractor in the field is good, but a picture of a tractor with the farmer sitting on it, is much better. (Image Farmer in the Field). If you insist on taking scenic pictures and expect to be able to sell them, if you include a person actively doing something, your chances of a sale are greatly increased. For instance, a shot of a beach sunset in great, but remember there are hundreds of just such images already in circulation, take the same shot and add a silhouette of a boy chasing a football and you have a much more saleable shot.

Also when you are taking pictures try to imagine a theme or mood. By this we mean try imagine a feeling you want to convey with your photos. Some are happy shiny people holding hands, while others will be more somber or moody. A photo that has a clear mood or theme will sell well. You can use color, shapes and texture to illustrate different moods and themes. Images that convey feelings have high resale value. Images that are stereotypical have less. By stereotypical we mean the stuff we have all seen a thousand times in a thousand magazines and other places. While you may think that the silhouette of lovers kissing against a backdrop of a gorgeous sunset is a good marketable picture, it has been done to death and if we searched any of the major stock libraries we would find many examples of this exact picture. What might be better would be to show the couple doing something a little less typical, maybe one taking the picture of the other?

Also remember the rules of composition. The law of thirds works well and so do tightly cropped images. The old rule of "keep it simple" applies. This is not a book about how to shoot good images, there are thousands of such references available, what we are teaching you here is how to sell them online. Just remember, the images that sell are the attractive appealing ones with good composition and good exposure.

One thing to remember though is that as most of the agencies websites display the images on thumbnail pages, having images that are attractive as thumbnails increases your chance of a sale, this follows from the rules of composition and cropping already discussed.

Selling images online is the next big thing, something that every keen hobbyist is looking to get into. The principles of photography apply, but you must temper them with some business sense, knowing which photos sell is the best start.

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Benefits of Chiropractic Therapy

Chiropractic therapy means manipulating and adjusting the spinal chord to provide relief to those who are suffering with various ailments such as back pain, allergies and many more. Actually, this therapy is an alternative medicine to keep oneself in good health in a natural way. This therapy is advantageous to health in many ways.

Neck Pain: - Chiropractic services aim at better circulation of blood in the body and better delivery of oxygen and nutrients in the blood. This reduces neck pain and soreness in the neck.

Advantages for Children: - Subluxations in children can be treated with chiropractic care. Subluxations are common problems in children and can happen during birth and treating them at early stage is very important.

Since this therapy is painless, it becomes easier to treat children with chiropractic care.

Back Pain: - You can get relief from back pain in a very short period with the help of chiropractic services. The main aim is to bring back the normal movement of the spine. A chiropractor applies a controlled force to the affected joint, gives a massage and stretches the muscle to give it relief from pain.

Chiropractors can be helpful to those who suffer with various ailments such as allergies, back pain etc. Patient's spine is manipulated in order to align the problems properly so that they can get relief with the help of chiropractors. No surgery or medication is used in this therapy. Along with spine manipulation, other natural therapies are used to treat the patient in chiropractic services.

A patient is required to give full information to the chiropractor in order to receive better treatment. He should have the full information about patient's medical history, family's medical history, lifestyle and other habits. The chiropractor will then order an x-ray of the spine of the patient to confirm if it is functioning properly.

The fundamental of chiropractic services is that the spine should be in proper alignment so that the nervous system of a person should function efficiently. A weak spine will lead to weak immune system and a weak immune system means poor health. Chiropractic services are quite helpful to those who suffer with neck pain, back pain, injuries, sinus problems, scoliosis, headaches or allergies. Not only spine manipulation is helpful in strengthening the nervous system but it can be beneficial to other parts of the body as well. A treatment plan as prescribed by Des Moines Chiropractic can be very beneficial to your long term health.
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The Matryoshka Dolls

Russia's most popular export is the famous nesting dolls. These dolls were first created over 100 years ago in a workshop called "Children's Education" by Sava Mamontov - industrialist and supporter of the arts. Painted to look like Russian women, they became known as "matryoshka," a popular female name of the time.

These Russian dolls come in hundreds of designs. Some matryoshka were actual family portraits including papa, mama and all the children. Other nesting dolls portray "boyars" (Russian noblemen), "bogatirs" (heroic warriors) or characters from famous books and legends. Most sets contain less than 10 pieces, each a little smaller and nesting within one another. The largest known matryoshka has 60 pieces!

Under the Soviet regime, private business was forbidden and almost all matryoshka were made in factories. This means nesting dolls from the mid 20th Century are very simple - simple enough to be done by automated machines in government workshops.

With Russian independence, home industries and folk arts blossomed and the full creativity of Russian artists is once again on display in their dolls. Nesting dolls, commonly sold in sets of five or ten pieces, are now available in every color of the rainbow. They are one of a kind creations portraying people, animals, sports teams, cartoons, fairy tales and characters from modern literature as well as real people from recent history.

Pick your favorite color, choose a subject and you are almost sure to find a matryoshka to suit your personal taste to perfection. If you would like to get started in collecting dolls, or introduce a loved one to the tradition of doll collecting it might be a good idea to start with dolls that interest them and are of relatively low cost , please visit :

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Online Home Insurance Quotes

Everyone's on a quest is to find a home insurance policy that are affordable and with good coverage. Knowing that there are many insurance companies everywhere in each state and even online, insurance companies have their own website for the people to access so easily.

With so many insurers promising the world to their policy holders, choosing the best policy can be quite a challenge. The best way to decide on the policy that is offering the best deal is to conduct thorough research on all available offers. Visiting each insurer or various agents in person can be a Herculean task and cost you much more than just time and effort. The most convenient way to conduct research on insurance policies is to access online home insurance quotes. You can get the basics of all offers on the market from the comfort of your home or office with just the click of a mouse.

Advantages  of Online Home Insurance Quotes

* High Speed - You can get a large number of quotes from different home insurance providers within minutes.

* Easy Comparisons - There are online services that facilitate the comparison of various quotes from different providers.

* Systematic comparisons - Online quotes help you get the best deal. You can compare various components, such as insurance coverage, terms and conditions, rates, benefits, discounts and deductibles through online quotes. This helps you not only to make a systematic comparison but to make an informed decision as well.

* Flexibility - Home insurance companies provide you with multiple options to compare different factors. They allow the flexibility to the clients to make various kinds of inquiries. Flexible customer care services are provided through these online services.

* Cost Effective - Most quotes are available free of charge. Online providers are also able to give better discounts because they save on the overhead costs that their brick and mortar counterparts have to bear.

Once you have gathered the quotes and made comparisons, you could also take the advice of an agent or friends and relatives who have also taken similar policies to fully understand which policy will serve your needs the best. More information, please visit : home owners insurance quotes

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Black Mica ,Healthy life with healthy drinking water,

Problems with pure water filters are not known by most people, thanks to the marketing tactics are so many companies that produce pure water filters and bottled water. What if I told you that drinking pure water is not even healthy-would you believe me? Here's why you should ....

When all the different companies market their products to you, they always touch the water you will get to the 'pure' nature peaceful flowing river or stream in the middle of the mountains or of the hidden and magical aquifers. But there is one problem with this-there is no water at this place is actually PURE!

This is what I mean ....

If you go to one of the natural places and test the waters, you will find that it contains trace amounts of minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, and sodium. This mineral has been in the natural water source since the beginning of time, and the human body has adapted to and built to consume water with all of these natural minerals.

The output of the filter is just pure water pure H20. So sure there are no contaminants, cysts, chemicals, chlorine, lead, or most other hazardous substances; but there is also NO MINERAL in it. It is one of the biggest problems with pure water.

Here are some other problems with pure water: 

* Drink pure water without trace amounts of minerals in the long run gives you the opportunity to have significantly increased mineral deficiency in later life.

* Demineralized water is more acidic than alkaline because they contain less hydrogen. When your body consumes acid, your body must pull minerals from teeth and bones to create bicarbonate to neutralize it.

* As your body fluids become more acidic, increased production of free radicals, which in turn increases the risk of cancer.

* Many studies have shown that cancer cells can only grow in an acidic environment like this.

As the research has been performed around the world, has shown that the areas where most people live long, healthy, and disease-free survival is the area that contains the most alkaline and rich in natural mineral water sources.

Instead of worrying about drinking and problems with pure water filters, drinking water that has been filtered from the harmful chemicals, cysts, solvents, chlorine, lead, and other contaminants; but make sure that all the good minerals are stored in it. But do not worry, now there is Black Mica. Black Mica extract has been tested and proven by the EPA certified labs to remove Heavy Metals like Hexavelent Chromium-6 and turn it into harmless Chromium-3.

It has been tested and proven to completely remove Fluoride.
It has been tested and proven to remove over 80 different types of volatile organic compounds.
It has been tested and proven to remove e-coli and coliform bacteria.
It has been tested and proven to remove Chlorine, and Chloramine.
It has been tested and proven to remove chemical contaminants.
Black Mica has received a recommendation from the American Health Organization and Japan.
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